My Arrival in Sweden

09:00 Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I just woke up after sleeping for almost 12 hours, and I’m getting ready to go to the arrival meeting for exchange students at 14:00.  In this post, I’ll update you on my arrival in Stockholm.

I left Houston at 14:00 on Sunday and flew through Newark, New Jersey and Oslo, Norway.  All three flights went smoothly, and I made it to Arlanda airport in Stockholm at about 12:20 local time. My flight on Scandinavian Airlines flight from Oslo to Stockholm was a little late and the plane was packed, but the free beverage on the flight was coffee, so that was helpful because I didn’t really sleep on my overnight flight.  Unfortunately, the weather over all of Scandinavia was thick, low clouds, so I didn’t really see much of the landscape from the plane – I could barely even see the runways when we landed!  However, I was able to see a few snow-covered mountains in Norway.

2013-01-07 03.09.00

Sunrise over Norway

Once I got my luggage, I met up with another exchange student from UT whose flight arrived at the same time as mine.  After getting some cash (Swedish kronor, SEK), we got on the Arlanda express train, which took us straight to the central station in downtown, T-Centralen.  There, we purchased our public transportation cards, which work for all forms of public transportation within Stockholm.  We then went down to the subway and rode to the stop Tekniska Högskolan, which is KTH.  When we got off the subway, we saw another student from UT who was also making his way to the campus.

At the student union building on campus, we got our welcome packets and other information, and also got our room keys.  Since we still had all our luggage with us, we decided to go straight to our apartments after getting our keys.  I am staying in an apartment complex called Lappkärrsberget (aka Lappis) that is only one subway stop away from the campus.  When we got to the apartment complex, we decided to meet up at 19:30 to go get something to eat.  I then went to my room and unpacked my suitcase and met some of the other people on my floor.  However, by that time, I was starting to get very tired, and I fell asleep shortly before 19:00 and missed dinner…


View from my apartment window

At about 22:00, I woke up thinking that it was morning, and since I have no internet access yet, I had no way of verifying the time, so I checked the bus schedule and watched the busses go by outside my window to make sure that my phone had the right time.  Once I had convinced myself that it was still night time, I went back to sleep and woke up shortly before 08:00 and realized that my last meal was almost 24 hours ago on the overnight flight from Newark.  Fortunately, there is a convenience store in the apartment complex, and I got some breakfast:


Croissants and Orangina…it’s like I’m in France!

About Aaron

Hej – I'm Aaron! When I'm not working my regular job, I love to travel, study languages (svenska anyone?), and learn about history and culture. I'm also a "pandemic cook" attempting to learn the secrets of Indian cuisine from my apartment in Texas!
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3 Responses to My Arrival in Sweden

  1. Mickey Braden says:

    Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for the link–I enjoyed reading about your arrival in Stockholm.
    It is about 1 PM CST Thursday 1/10/13. We are meeting your Mom at Ellen’s game today at 3 PM. She will spend the night with us.

    Grandpa B

  2. Juan M. Restrepo says:

    Hey Aaron, your dad sent me the link to your blog and I have to tell you I am impressed. Did not get to read it all obviously, but really enjoyed scanning through it. If the oil business does not pan out for you, there is a future for you in the travel blogging world. Very envious of your travels btw and this coming from someone who has travelled quite a bit. Stay safe. Juan

    • Aaron Braden says:

      I’m glad you like it! I’m really happy I got to travel so much – that was part of the reason I came! And, there’s more to come; I still have 3 more weeks of travelling to do before coming back to Texas! I’ll be in Norway in a few weeks, so maybe I can find an oil job there while I’m at it – then I can do that and travel blogging! :p

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