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En Åbokryssning

14.42 Söndag, 24 Februari, 2013 This weekend, I went on another cruise, this time to Turku, Finland, with some friends.  The cruise was just a “mini-cruise,” and in reality, it was mainly just a ferry (but at 66:- per person, … Continue reading

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En Mottagning på Stadshuset

12.14 Tisdag, 13 Februari, 2013 On Sunday, I went to a reception for new international students in Stockholm that was held at the City Hall, or Stadshuset.  Although it is not very old – it was completed in 1923 – … Continue reading

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En Rigakryssning

23.32 Måndag, 11 Februari, 2013 This past weekend, I went on a cruise to Rīga, the capital of Latvia (Lettland in Swedish; Latvija in Latvian), with a group of several other exchange students, mostly from KTH.  The cruise left from … Continue reading

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Jag lär mig svenska…

17.25 Söndag, 3 Februari 2013 Medan jag bor i Sverige tar jag en kurs i det svenska språk.  Eftersom jag har redan studerat är jag i den andra nivå, svenska två.  Jag har en kurs på fyra timmar varje måndag.  … Continue reading

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