Svenska Låtar

23.30 Onsdag, 24 April, 2013

As I’ve already discussed in a previous post, I’m studying the Swedish language, Svenska.  Unfortunately, my Swedish course (level 2) at KTH is almost over, but I’ve also been doing other things to help me practice.  For example, I go to the språkkafé, or language café, at the KTH library once a week to practice speaking, and I read a daily newspaper called Metro to practice reading (and find out what’s going on in Sweden!).

Many people say that the Swedish language sounds very melodic and that Swedes sound like they’re singing when they speak.  I think this is a bit of an exaggeration, and I don’t really think they sound like they’re singing…

…except when they actually are singing, of course!  Another thing that is useful (and fun!) for practicing my comprehension is listening to music – not music by Swedes in English, but music that is actually in Swedish!  Apparently, many Swedes prefer American and British music, and many Swedish musicians like to sing in English to widen their audiences, but I’ve still found some Swedish songs that I like, and I’ll share a few of them in this post.  If you’ve never heard Swedish before, this is your chance to hear what it sounds like and decide whether or not you think it sounds ‘melodic’!

An important song is of course the national anthem.  The Swedish national anthem is called Du Gamla, Du Fria, which means ‘You Old, You Free.’  You can listen to it by clicking on the title, which is a link to a YouTube video that even shows the lyrics (not that the lyrics are particularly useful, unless you speak Swedish…)!

Here are some other songs:

En tätort på en slätt – ‘A city on a plain’* – Lars Winnerbäck

Vart jag än går – ‘Wherever I go’ – Stiftelsen

Mitt Stockholm – ‘My Stockholm’ – Patrik Isaksson

Farväl Jupiter – ‘Farewell, Jupiter’ – Lars Winnerbäck

Sverige – ‘Sweden’ – Kent

Swedish Flag 2

In case you haven’t already looked it up or assumed it on your own, the title of this post, Svenska Låtar, means ‘Swedish Songs.’

As a side note, I apparently attend the language café at KTH regularly enough that I was actually invited a few weeks ago to be an official volunteer at the English language café.  I certainly would have done this, but the English session is at the same time as the French session, so I decided to continue going to French instead.

* The ‘city’ is Linköping, Sweden, in case you were wondering.

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Hej – I'm Aaron! When I'm not working my regular job, I love to travel, study languages (svenska anyone?), and learn about history and culture. I'm also a "pandemic cook" attempting to learn the secrets of Indian cuisine from my apartment in Texas!
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2 Responses to Svenska Låtar

  1. Din blogg är intressant! Jag är engelsk, och jag skå bli bor i Göteborg från September. Jag är studera svenska också i hemma, före jag flytta att Sverige. Svensk musik är jätte hjälpsam för det!

    Jag tänker du kanske gillar Vincent Vicious- Tom Sawyer:

    (förlåt, Jag vet min svenska är inte perfekt.)

    • Aaron Braden says:

      Tack för din kommentar och tack för att du läser! Man säger att Göteborg är mycket vacker, och jag hoppas resa dit i juni. Det kommer att bli bra för dig att bo där!
      Tack för ditt förslag-jag tycker att det är bra! Jag rekommenderar också alla andra låtar av Lars Winnerbäck, eftersom han sjunger bara på svenska.

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