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Ten things I will miss most about Sweden

10.04 Fredag, 24 Maj, 2013 Well, tomorrow, my stay in Sweden will be officially over.  I’ll be back to visit for a few days in June, but at that time, I will just be a visitor, sleeping on friends’ floors!  … Continue reading

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Ska vi fika?

12.43 Söndag, 19 Maj, 2013 An important part of Swedish culture is a tradition known as fika.  The word fika is a uniquely Swedish word that can be used as either a noun, a verb, or an adjective, and which … Continue reading

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Göteborg, Norrköping, and a midnight taxi ride through the Swedish countryside

00.08 Lördag, 11 Maj, 2013 I’ve had another busy few days this week – this time, I went on a three-day trip to Göteborg (pronounced ‘Yuh-teh-bor-ee,’ and known as Gothenburg in English) in southwestern Sweden, and Norrköping (pronounced ‘Nor-shup-ing’), which … Continue reading

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Den veckan jag blev en Stockholmare

23.25 Söndag, 5 Maj, 2013 This week, my parents came all the way from Texas to visit me!  We had a great time, and we visited many different places in and around Stockholm.  Throughout the semester, I have written so … Continue reading

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Våren är här!

00.43 Söndag, 12 Maj, 2013 Spring has finally arrived in Stockholm!  Although the snow melted several weeks ago and the temperatures have been steadily rising over the last month, it is only this week that the city is really turning … Continue reading

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Glad Valborg!

01.14 Onsdag, 1 Maj, 2013 This past Tuesday was a festival known as Valborg (the English name is Walpurgis).  This festival is celebrated in several countries in northern Europe, but especially in Sweden.  Valborg is a celebration of the beginning … Continue reading

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