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Hej – I'm Aaron! When I'm not working my regular job, I love to travel, study languages (svenska anyone?), and learn about history and culture. I'm also a "pandemic cook" attempting to learn the secrets of Indian cuisine from my apartment in Texas!

Jag är hemma!

16.02 Tisdag, 18 Juni, 2013 I’m now back home in Texas, 8000 kilometers from my second home in Stockholm, and already past the jetlag.  I’ll surely be back in Sweden sometime, but in the meantime, I have other things to … Continue reading

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Across the Öresund (or should I say, the Øresund)

22.26 Fredag, 14 Juni, 2013 On Tuesday, I arrived in Copenhagen around 19:00, and found my hostel quickly because it was pretty close to the train station (fortunately!).  Then, I just spent the evening relaxing in the hostel, and I … Continue reading

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Tunnelbanestationerna i Stockholm

14.19 Tisdag, 18 Juni, 2013 In May, I came up with the crazy idea of visiting every tunnelbanestation (subway/metro station) in Stockholm.  So, I went on several excursions to try to accomplish this, but since there are about 100 stations … Continue reading

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Heading back south…

22.25 Fredag, 14 Juni, 2013 I arrived in Malmö around 21:00 on Saturday and had to walk a long way with all my luggage (4 bags!).  An hour later, I finally arrived at the hostel, exhausted.  Malmö is in the … Continue reading

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Nationaldagen, och mitt sista besök i Stockholm

11.43 Fredag, 7 Juni, 2013 After I left Oslo, I took the train back to Stockholm for one final visit.  Since I had already turned in the key to my room, I just stayed with someone else in my corridor.  … Continue reading

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Ja, vi elsker dette landet

10.10 Onsdag, 5 Juni, 2013 On Wednesday (May 29), I headed to the airport (not before grabbing another pasty, though!) and flew to Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, located on a fjord on the west coast of the Scandinavian … Continue reading

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Mist in the Streets of Westminster

10.07 Onsdag, 5 Juni, 2013 After I finished my final exams on May 23, I packed up all my bags and headed off on my three week end-of-the-semester vacation – but not before turning in the key to my room … Continue reading

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Ten things I will miss most about Sweden

10.04 Fredag, 24 Maj, 2013 Well, tomorrow, my stay in Sweden will be officially over.  I’ll be back to visit for a few days in June, but at that time, I will just be a visitor, sleeping on friends’ floors!  … Continue reading

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Ska vi fika?

12.43 Söndag, 19 Maj, 2013 An important part of Swedish culture is a tradition known as fika.  The word fika is a uniquely Swedish word that can be used as either a noun, a verb, or an adjective, and which … Continue reading

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Göteborg, Norrköping, and a midnight taxi ride through the Swedish countryside

00.08 Lördag, 11 Maj, 2013 I’ve had another busy few days this week – this time, I went on a three-day trip to Göteborg (pronounced ‘Yuh-teh-bor-ee,’ and known as Gothenburg in English) in southwestern Sweden, and Norrköping (pronounced ‘Nor-shup-ing’), which … Continue reading

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