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Nationaldagen, och mitt sista besök i Stockholm

11.43 Fredag, 7 Juni, 2013 After I left Oslo, I took the train back to Stockholm for one final visit.  Since I had already turned in the key to my room, I just stayed with someone else in my corridor.  … Continue reading

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Glad Valborg!

01.14 Onsdag, 1 Maj, 2013 This past Tuesday was a festival known as Valborg (the English name is Walpurgis).  This festival is celebrated in several countries in northern Europe, but especially in Sweden.  Valborg is a celebration of the beginning … Continue reading

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Una Pasqua in Italia

11.14 Måndag, 8 April, 2013 Last week was a busy week!  I spent my Easter break travelling through Italy, starting in Rome (Roma in Italian) and making my way up through Florence (Firenze in Italian) and Venice (Venezia in Italian).  … Continue reading

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Glad Påsk!

19.20 Onsdag, 27 Mars, 2013 Glad Påsk means ‘Happy Easter’ in Swedish!  Although Easter isn’t for a few more days, I’m posting this now because I’m going to be out of town tomorrow – I’ll be in Italy for the … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day, Irish Style

12.41 Torsdag, 21 Mars, 2013 This year I had the opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the Emerald Isle!  I went to Dublin, Ireland, with some friends from my corridor from March 16 – March 19 to celebrate Ireland’s … Continue reading

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