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Tunnelbanestationerna i Stockholm

14.19 Tisdag, 18 Juni, 2013 In May, I came up with the crazy idea of visiting every tunnelbanestation (subway/metro station) in Stockholm.  So, I went on several excursions to try to accomplish this, but since there are about 100 stations … Continue reading

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Heading back south…

22.25 Fredag, 14 Juni, 2013 I arrived in Malmö around 21:00 on Saturday and had to walk a long way with all my luggage (4 bags!).  An hour later, I finally arrived at the hostel, exhausted.  Malmö is in the … Continue reading

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Nationaldagen, och mitt sista besök i Stockholm

11.43 Fredag, 7 Juni, 2013 After I left Oslo, I took the train back to Stockholm for one final visit.  Since I had already turned in the key to my room, I just stayed with someone else in my corridor.  … Continue reading

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Ten things I will miss most about Sweden

10.04 Fredag, 24 Maj, 2013 Well, tomorrow, my stay in Sweden will be officially over.  I’ll be back to visit for a few days in June, but at that time, I will just be a visitor, sleeping on friends’ floors!  … Continue reading

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Ska vi fika?

12.43 Söndag, 19 Maj, 2013 An important part of Swedish culture is a tradition known as fika.  The word fika is a uniquely Swedish word that can be used as either a noun, a verb, or an adjective, and which … Continue reading

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Göteborg, Norrköping, and a midnight taxi ride through the Swedish countryside

00.08 Lördag, 11 Maj, 2013 I’ve had another busy few days this week – this time, I went on a three-day trip to Göteborg (pronounced ‘Yuh-teh-bor-ee,’ and known as Gothenburg in English) in southwestern Sweden, and Norrköping (pronounced ‘Nor-shup-ing’), which … Continue reading

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Den veckan jag blev en Stockholmare

23.25 Söndag, 5 Maj, 2013 This week, my parents came all the way from Texas to visit me!  We had a great time, and we visited many different places in and around Stockholm.  Throughout the semester, I have written so … Continue reading

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